The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is an important tool in preventing cervical cancer and other HPV-related diseases. Although the vaccine is generally recommended for young adolescents before they are exposed to HPV, the vaccine may also be useful for some adults.

Why might adults need the HPV vaccine?

Adults may be at risk of getting the infection if they have not received the vaccine and have been exposed to the virus. HPV is a very common sexually transmitted infection by anyone who is sexually active. The risk increases with the number of sexual partners.
The HPV vaccine is effective in preventing certain HPV-related cancers, such as cervical cancer, vulvar cancer, and anal cancer. It can also prevent genital warts and other HPV-related problems.

Who should consider the HPV vaccine?

  • Sexually active people under the age of 45 who have not received the vaccine before.
  • People who have multiple sexual partners.
  • People with a history of sexually transmitted infections.
  • People who have a weakened immune system due to illness or treatment.
In either case, it’s important to talk to a specialist doctor to determine if the HPV vaccine is recommended for you.

What are the side effects of the HPV vaccine?

HPV vaccine can cause side effects like any other vaccine. Common side effects include pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site. You may also experience fever, headache, or muscle pain.

How can Open House help?

At Open House, we have the best medical team to guide and advise you on the HPV vaccine and on the risks of STIs in your unprotected sexual practices.

If you want to get vaccinated against this virus you can request an appointment at any of our two clinics. The service includes a specialized consultation with one of our doctors, the administration of the three doses and follow-up in case you need to clarify any doubts. Put your sexual health in the best hands!

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