Online STI Medical Consultations

The medical consultation for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) covers different medical specialties, such as infectious diseases, urology, gynecology, dermatology and proctology.

The Open House medical team has complete training in each and every one of these infections, as well as their symptoms, clinical manifestations, the best way to diagnose them and their correct management, treatment and follow-up. We have extensive experience acquired through our 16-year history.

At Open House we make specialised sexual health consultations accessible for all of Spain. You can visit us at our physical clinics in Madrid and Valencia and also book a video-consultation or telephone consultation to avoid travel or for more privacy.

Do you have symptoms, or have questions about which tests are relevant in your case? Open House’s specialist doctors are the best solution. In addition, after carrying out tests, they can prescribe or administer treatment in our clinics or through an electronic prescription.

What's included

How does the service work?

Select the type of consultation that you want and complete the online purchase process, you will receive an order confirmation email. Then, call us to choose the appointment date and time.

After agreeing the appointment, you will receive another email with the confirmation of the appointment and the link to connect to the video-consultation (if necessary). Try to be in a private place with a good internet connection when you have your consultation. If you are having a telephone consultation, you must be in a place with good mobile coverage.

For logistical reasons, the start time of the online consultations is indicative and may vary slightly.

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