How to collect a urine sample

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How to collect the vaginal sample

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How to collect a rectal sample

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How to collect a blood sample

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Penetrative Sex Check-Up

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Genital and Rectal

What tests will you perform?

What samples do you need to take?

Why perform these tests?

These 4 STIs are the main ones when unprotected penetrations have been made. Furthermore, they can be present and transmitted without having symptoms, therefore the only way to rule them out is by testing. We perform our STI tests with the most sensitive techniques available.

Free shipping of sample collection kits and return to the laboratory.

Orders placed before 5:00 p.m. will be delivered the next business day.

The reliability of the results is guaranteed, it is the same as going to our clinics.


Is the service confidential?

At Open House we take the confidentiality of our patients very seriously, we need certain information in order to provide you with the service, but in no case is it shared with third parties.

When should I do these tests?

If you have done any type of penetration (men), you have been vaginally penetrated (women) or you have received oral sex (both).

If you have also given oral sex or received anal sex, you should also perform your gonorrhea and chlamydia tests in the throat and rectum, look for these products in our online store.

When can I test reliably?

You must respect the window period, which is the time from the contact of unprotected sex that you want to monitor, until the tests acquire maximum reliability.

It is 14 days for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, 21 days for Syphilis and 28 days for HIV.

How do I take my samples?

Follow the instructions contained in the kits step by step. You will receive a blood sampling kit for HIV and syphilis tests and an additional kit for gonorrhea and chlamydia in urine (men) or vaginal (women) samples. They are easy and practically painless processes.

When will I receive my results?

Normally they will be available on our web portal 24-48 business hours after receiving your samples in our laboratory. It is important that you keep your access code to the results contained in the kit .

Do you need treatment or medical advice?

Our specialist doctors are the best solution. Call us to visit our physical clinics or purchase a video consultation to avoid travel and for maximum confidentiality.

¿How do our online tests work?

Define what tests you need

Visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, make a prior medical consultation or video-consultation, or call any of our clinics to receive guidance on what tests you need.

Take your own samples

Orders placed before 16:00 will be delivered the next working day. Follow the step-by-step instructions and take your samples easily, they are quick and painless processes.

Send your sample to our laboratory for FREE

Easily send your samples to our ISO-certified laboratory for free. The reliability of online STI tests is the same as the tests we perform in our physical clinics.

Get your results

The results of your online STI tests will be available on our results web portal within 1 to 3 business days after receiving your sample in our laboratory.

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