Sexual Health Check Up

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I want to do my check up from the privacy of my home

Tests that don’t require a liquid blood sample can be done from your home, your workplace, or even in your car!
…….most gonorrhoea and chlamydia tests, HIV early detection tests………
Order your sample collection kit, you send it back to us, we test it and you get your results 48h later by email

I am prepared to do part of my check-up in a regional laboratory

Open House has several satellite laboratories around Spain where you can do tests that require a liquid blood test
…….syphilis, hepatitis B tests, HIV antibody tests that make up a full package………
Do your other tests from home then get your blood taken. Once we have all our samples you will get your results by email in normally 48 hours

I want to do my check–up in the Madrid clinic

Open House in Madrid can do all tests at incredible speed and with a free medical consultation included in the price

I would like information about the telephone medical consultations

The doctor who will call you will be one of the doctors who already works at Open House and has specialist knowledge in the field.

Confused by what you’ve read? Three suggestions

How can we help you?

You can book a phone consultation with our doctors or come to Madrid to see them

Please trust our clinical judgement. Open House has done nearly 60.000 STI tests.

Caution! It is important to read about the Window Period before doing tests UNLESS YOU HAVE WORRYING SYMPTOMS

Where to find us

Calle Atocha 117, Madrid

Metro: L1 Atocha / Antón Martín

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