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Inspection and health authority approval of our centres

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Training of our personnel and internal quality control

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Watch video of our medical director reminding you why independant monitoring of our clinical services is so important

Inspection and health authority approval of our centres:

On the 16th December 2016 The medical Director of Open House Medical Centre was awarded the Gold Star award for Professional Excellence in the area of Healthcare, in a gala held at the Palace Hotel in Madrid.

This award was made by the Institute for Professional Excellence, an organisation which searches for those Spanish companies that show commitment to a high quality service. The prize is supported by the Ministry of Industry and the Madrid regional government, amongst other institutions.

They awarded this prize to our medical director, Dr. Stephen Chapman, for his career in medicine and for the service provided at Open House in the field of Sexually Transmitted Infections. They mentioned that Open House is at the cutting edge of diagnostic technology, the unbeatable turnaround time to get test results back, and above all the dedication to maintaining a service of maximum quality.

You can read more about this award clicking here (Spanish only)

Inspection and health authority approval of our centres:

The content of our webpage, our tests and their performance, the main services we offer and our medical personnel are all authorized by the Madrid Regional Government and Madrid City Council as a General/Family Medicine , Clinical Psychology and phlebotomoy practice, appearing in their registry with number CS8003.

Also the  Catalan Regional Government has authorized our centre as a Multidisciplinary Health Centre for General Medicine and a phlebotomoy practice, appearing in their registry with number E08993422 .

Open House fulfills the most demanding requirements of several institution leaders in the field of Sexually Transmitted Infections – the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology (SEIMC), the British Association of Sexual Health and VIH (BASHH) considered opinion leaders in the field, and the European Union by means of the European Meeting of ITS of the IUST/OMS. Sometimes these organizations propose different recommendations, and you will see that, in Open House, we always self-impose the more demanding recommendation to ensure a quality service for our customer.

According to opinion leaders doctors, Open House is one of few private clinics in Spain that fully complies with guidelines and regulations regarding when yeach test can be performed.

At Open House all our clients receive medical counselling prior to testing, as required by the law. You cannot get tested in a laboratory except at a doctor’s request. The name of the requesting physician should be included in the report of the test performed. We never do irrelevant tests. Always demands the same of any sexually transmitted infections centre you decide to visit. To find out the minimum standards and obligations of the centres working in this field in Spain,  click here.

  • Our work is based on scientific data: You can be sure that you are reading data from, or supported by scientific publications. You may, therefore, find this contrasts with what can be read in forums, chats, non-scientific sources or in the pages of some clinics. Open House is prepared to provide only those data from peer-reviewed publications, backed up by medical institutions of note and scientific relevance.
  • Clinical Results: You can read statistics on the success or failure that we have in our clinical analysis and in our treatment protocols.
  • All the tests that we use are taking been CE marked: Therefore they have been inspected and authorised by the regulating European health authorities.

Training of our staff and internal quality control

All doctors working in Open House have degrees from respected universities in the career of medicine. Between the medical director and his medical team we have a total of 65 years of experience as doctors! On entering Open House, each doctor receives a course of 240 hours of medical consultations on clinical practice with patients and also separate courses about sexually transmitted infections, the appropriate techniques for medical history taking and physical examinations etc and they are not left on their own in the consultations until they have grasp the sexually transmitted infections field completely. Throughout each year of work the medical director performs a clinical evaluation of the work of the doctors and there are compulsory courses of continuing professional training.

Open House works with clinical guidelines that we call our “Clinical Standard Operating Procedures”. They cover issues such as the important infections (management of syphilis, for example) and common situations (urethritis, rashes etc. ) and the are a set of golden rules for our doctors.

They are a fusion of the new issues emerging on each disease according to recent scientific publications and hence maintain the quality of our work. In fact, by entering Open House doctors sign an appendix to their contracts obliging them to work in compliance with these procedures.

These procedures are reviewed each year, according to the developments in our field, and together with a record of the training that the doctors have been received we submit this documentation to the relevant health authorities to demonstrate our commitment to ongoing training and quality.

Open House is also a centre for medical education

Download information about the training program for students

All of the information on data of risks in sex, infection rate, etc. , are supported by scientific literature that have been published in medical journals.

Verification of the scientific content of this website

Open House has been awared the WIS seal, as our website complies with the requirements of the ECES

● Scientific interest: pages that contribute to the Scientific Community content to collaborate with the ongoing training of health professionals or with the disclosure of medical knowledge.

● Originality: assessed positively as an original contribution to general knowledge.

● Confidentiality: at no time did the material presented online impinge on professional secrecy and the right to  patient privacy .

● Ethics: any web that does not comply with the code of ethics affecting the healthcare community at an international level is discarded. If you want more information, click here.

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Open House client testimonials

Here you can read what three of our clients have to say about our services (MANY THANKS THE THREE OF YOU). We have protected their true identity for reasons on confidentiality.

Antonio's experience

Needed to get his results in 20 min

``I had sex with a prostitute and was feeling so guilty that I might infect my wife with something. I needed to know that I had not got anything as quickly as possible so I could get back to a normal sex life as soon as possible ....

In Open House the doctor treats you with respect and you get your results in 20 minutes. They told me that the detection of sexually transmitted diseases with their tests is either the same or better than with normal tests you find in the public health sector.``

What tests did we do for Antonio? Open Plan FIVE - VIH, gonorrhoea, chlamdia, syphilis and hepatitis B tests in 20 minutes

Cristian's experience

He didn't want to wait 3 months to do an HIV test

``I'm gay and it's always been difficult with my family doctor. I don't like having to explain my sex life to her. But I have to say that the consultation with Steve was the first time in my whole life that I could talk openly. I told him I had been penetrated without protection and that I wanted to do an HIV test. I didn't know that you can do a test before 3 months and with the same detection rate, in my case just at 4 weeks. The idea of waiting another 2 months was killing me..

They did the test for me in 15 minutes. It was such a relief. I recommend Open House to all my friends now``

What tests did we do for Cristian? - HIV p24 antigen test with antibodies with the result in 15 minutes

Ángela's experience

She was not aware that you can have chlamydia without symptoms

``I called Open House becuase I hadn't got a clue about STDs. I came out of the consultation with much more information than I could find on the Internet. I didn't know that oral sex is mainly a risk for gonorrhoea, chlamydia and syphilis. They told me that 80% of cases of chlamydia show no symptoms and that it's an important cause of infertility. Thank God everything was negative when I did my tests, but the important thing is that I've learnt that you have to take your sexual health seriously, not just wait for symptoms. I really liked the human approach and the relaxed atmosphere helps a lot.

The doctor, Steve told me that if I had any other questions I can always write to him``

What tests did we do for Ángela? Open PLAN ORAL - Gonorrhoea, chlamydia and syphilis tests. With results in 20 minutes

Statistics of interest:

Clinical experience in Open House


Medical consultations


Tests performed to date


General STI check-ups performed (Open Plan FIVE / ORAL)

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