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I want to learn more about syphilis, symptoms & treatment:

Syphilis, is a bacterial infection transmitted through vaginal, anal and oral sex, However, once detected, it iseasily treatable with antibiotics.

  • Risks & route of transmission
  • Primary syphilis: if you can’t see it, you don’t know you have it
  • Secondary syphilis: skin rashes and unwellness
  • Latent syphilis: asymptomatic
  • Treatment
Risks & route of transmission

Syphilis in oral sex:
More than 65% of cases we see in Open House have been caught in just oral sex.

Considerably contagious:
The risk of catching syphilis in oral, vaginal or anal sex with someone infected is about 40%.

Primary syphilis: if you can’t see it, you don’t know you have it

A visible chancre:
The typical presentation of primary syphilis is an ulcer in the genital area or in the mouth some weeks after oral, vaginal or anal sex. The surprising thing about these chancres is that they do not hurt despite being quite deep. They often have raised edges and are red.

A hidden chancre:
If the infection has occurred in the throat, inside the vagina or inside the anus, you will not know it is there because it doesn’t hurt.

Secondary syphilis: skin rashes and unwellness

Secondary +/- primary:
Secondary syphilis is the next phase after a chancre, occurring some weeks later. Half of all patients with secondary syphilis in Open House do not remember having had a chancre.

Rash +/- other symptoms:
As in primary syphilis, the skin rashes of secondary syphilis are not painful or itchy. The typical rash can be seen in this photo, there are no raised bumps and is present all over the entire body.
There may be deep lesions on the hands or feet, swollen glands, hair loss, fever at nighttime, tiredness, but these symptoms are less common.
Secondary syphilis can often manifest itself as other strange skin changes such as false warts, circles on genital skin, or mouth and anal ulcers. Additionally a patient can be between primary and secondary syphilis (called latent syphilis). Please read on for more information.

Latent syphilis: asymptomatic

Defined by the absence of symptoms:
Latent syphilis is the phase between primary and secondary syphilis. It has not symptoms and can last weeks, months or even years. In this stage, the patient feels perfectly well.

Lack of symptoms is a common situation:
Some 25% of all syphilis we see in Open House is in this stage. Syphilis cases have increased in Europe by some 500% in the last 20 years.


99.2% Success

Open House is becoming a centre with specialist interest in syphilis, and if you ave a positive test result today, we can start treatment immediately. We manage to successfully eradicate syphilis in 99.2% of cases, which is much higher than figures seen in other studies published in this field of work.
Treatment normally consists of one injection or sometimes three at weekly intervals. Open House has merged European clinical guidelines to apply the best treatment options.
After treatment Open House can organise your follow-up at 3 months which will show whether treatment has been successful or not.
If you have got any test results that you have done in other clinics, please bring us all the reports you have which helps us to make decisions about treatment.

Our experience with Syphilis:


Tests performed


Cases diagnosed


Clinical success in treatment

I want to do a syphilis test

Our experience in diagnosing and treating syphilis is unbeatable. The medical team at Open House have seen more cases of syphilis than the majority of doctors and we can help you diagnose syphilis. Our syphilis test beats all other tests. We demonstrated this in our own study that you can read here.

However, It doesn’t work in people who have had syphilis in the past, but we have an alternative tests that is just as good.

  • Tests in Open House clinics
Tests in Open House clinics

What is the advantage of doing this test at Open House clinics?

The antibodies test takes just 20 minutes to perform and if you have a positive result in the test, we can give you treatment immediately. If the antibodies test is nor enough to get a diagnosis, we can perform a PCR test with results in 3 to 8 days.

 Call us to book an appointment at Open House Madrid or Valencia to do these tests for 40€ (antibodies) or 80€ (PCR)

Do you have doubts? Our STI specialist doctors are the best solution, call us to Open House Madrid or Valencia to book a medical consultation 50

How can we help you?

Contact with Open House team

Caution! It is important to read about the Window Period before doing tests UNLESS YOU HAVE WORRYING SYMPTOMS

Please trust our clinical judgement. Open House has done nearly 72.000 STI tests.

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