Human papillomavirus testing (women only)



The HPV (human papillomavirus) test is performed through the PCR method, the most sensitive method nowadays. This test is designed for sexually active women older than 30.

There are two versions of this test. One of them only searches for high-risk strains and results are ready in 1 hour. The other one is a complete study of all strains of HPV and results are ready in 48 hours.

Open House Guarantee: in case of a positive result, you will get free advice with our specialist doctors by phone.

Please read carefully the product description and the additional information before purchasing the test package of HPV test.


Product Description

The HPV virus is the most common sexually transmitted disease. We get infected by various strains during our life and, in most cases, we become resistant to them and we eliminate them from out bodies. The virus can produce genital warts, but it can also be present without showing any symptoms. In the long term, it can also cause uterus cancer in women.

This test is relevant to women, for the so called ‘oncogenic strains’ of papillomavirus (the ones that can cause serious changes in the uterus and lead to carcinogenic changes) are not dangerous to men usually. This is a very simple test that can be done from home.

This package includes: kits for the collection of samples, instructions for the collection, a bag to put the kit in and a return envelope.

Our packaging is very discreet, and the product is delivered in an opaque and sealed bag. The packaging to return your samples is also discreet.

Service procedure:

  • Select the high-risk strains test (results in 1 hour) or the complete study (results in 48 hours).
  • Select how you want to receive and return the kit (home delivery or Post Office)
  • Complete the purchase, then you will receive an order confirmation email and your patient identification number.
  • You will receive the kit to collect the samples the next day after the order before 14:00.
  • Collect the samples following the instructions. Then contact us to request the courier service to send the samples to Open House (range of 4 hours)
  • We will receive your samples in 24 hours and we will run the tests straight away. In a period of 1 hour to 48 business hours after we received your sample (depending on the selected test) you will get the results by email.

Important notes:

  • The orders made after 16:30 will be processed the next day.
  • Post Office services can have a delay of 24-48 hours.
  • Coming to Open House avoids the transport period. Therefore, you could get your results in just 1-48 hours (depending on the selected test).

For any doubts please contact us at 914 29 49 59 in our opening times or visit the following informative sections:

Risks of every type of sex. What infections are related to oral, vaginal and anal sex?
Do you need more information about HPV or genital warts?
Do you have any doubts before performing the test? Book a medical consultation with our specialists.

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