HIV Early Detection Test (10 day test)



You can do a HIV test by PCR method only 10 days after the risk contact.

After purchasing the test, we will send you a referral slip to do the blood extraction at the chosen laboratory. The sample will be sent to Open House in 24-72 hours and we will send the results 90 minutes or maximum 24 hours after receiving the sample.

Open House Guarantee: in case of a positive result, you will get free advice with our specialist doctors by phone.

Please read carefully the product description and the additional information before purchasing the HIV test through PCR method.


Product Description

If only 10 days have passed since the risk contact, you can do the HIV test through the PCR method. This is the first test that can be done. It searches for the genetic material of the virus and detects 300 copies in every millilitre of blood. After 10 days, the detection rate is about 99% and false positives have not occurred yet. 21 days after the contact, the detection rate of this test becomes 100%, one of the few cases we can affirm this is 100% accurate in STDs detection.

Service procedure:

  • Complete the purchase, then you will receive an order confirmation email and your patient identification number.
  • You will also receive a second email with the referral slip to perform the blood extraction at the selected laboratory.
  • Go to the laboratory with the referral slip and get the extraction done.
  • We will receive your samples in 24-72 business hours and we will run the tests straight away.
  • We will send you the results by email in 90 minutes or maximum 48 business hours.

Important notes:

  • Coming to Open House to get your blood extraction done avoids the transport period. Therefore, you could get your results in just 20 minutes.

For any doubts please contact us at 914 29 49 59 in our opening times or visit the following informative sections:

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