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COVID-19 PCR test



If you have symptoms or you are in a period of exposure to the virus smaller than 14 days, you can carry out COVID-19 test by PCR method. It is a nasopharyngeal sample to check the presence of Sars CoV-2 virus. This method searches for the genetic material of these virus and samples can be easily collected.

After purchasing the test, we will send you a referral slip to do the blood draw at the chosen laboratory. After, you will receive the results just 24-48 hours after receiving the sample.

Open House Guarantee: in case of a positive result, you will get free advice with our specialist doctors.

Please read carefully the product description and the additional information before purchasing the COVID-19 PCR test.


Product Description

The diagnosis using PCR presents some complexities, but it is a technique of early detection which offers high specificity and sensitivity. It is the right technique for patients with symptoms or with a period of exposure smaller than 14 days, as well as for the patients who need to confirm a positive result in serologic tests. It is also the test of choice if you want to know if you currently have an asymptomatic active infection.

Service procedure:

  • Complete the purchase, then you will receive an order confirmation email and your patient identification number.
  • You will also receive a second email with the referral slip to perform the blood extraction at the selected laboratory.
  • Go to the laboratory with the referral slip and get the extraction done.
  • We will send you the results by email in 24-48 hours.

For any doubts please contact us at 914 29 49 59 in our opening times or visit the following informative sections:

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