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I want a phone consultation with the specialist doctor

The medical team at Open House is extremely experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. You can read about us by clicking here.
If you don’t live in Madrid and so are unable to come and see us at our clinic we can organise a telephone consultations for you. Our phone consultations have been inspected and authorised by the Madrid regional government.

How does this work?

You buy the consultation here at our online shop

  • Then call us to make your appointment. (there will normally be availability within the next 48 working hours)
  • The doctor who will call you will be one of the doctors who already works at Open House and has specialist knowledge in the field.
  • The consultation will last a maximum of 20 minutes
  • In the subsequent 10 minutes the doctor will write you a report which will be sent to you by email with:
    • A summary of your case
    • Any prescriptions you need for medication
    • Information sheets for you to read if we reach a diagnosis
    • Recommendations about which tests could be relevant to your situation

Does it matter that the doctor can’t examine me?
Studies have shown that in the field of sexual health that what the doctor finds on physical examination hardly has any impact on his/her clinical decisions (what tests to do, the correct antibiotic etc.).
So we are confident that we will be giving you to best medical advice without a physical examination, but sometimes the doctor would also prefer that you go to see another specialist (your gynaecologists, GP, a dermatologist etc) if he/she also feels this is the best option. All the various options will be discussed with you on the phone

Is there any follow-up of my case?

  • If the doctor has recommended that you do tests, he will look out for your results and write to you by email with recommendations. So follow-up is normally by email only
  • You would have to pay for any other follow-up that requires a second phone consultation

I want information about the medical team and their experience

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