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About the Open House Team

Our team has grown in size considerably since we first opened our doors in 2006.
The owner of the company, the receptionists and laboratory technicians, all of them are involved in your visit to Open House.
Each one has undergone a high level of professional training, received training in this field and has been selected to work in Open House because of their ability to work with a human approach, dignity and high quality work, things we give top priority to in this company.

Practice Manager & Laboratory technician

Pablo Fernández

“Coming into an STD clinic can be very stressful. You’re going to talk about some very personal things and do tests that can change lives. I want to transmit to our clients our philosophy of “demedicalising” the process; open dialogue, human treatment and clinical precision. But we are human, not robots, so if something was unsatisfactory for you at Open House, please don’t hesitate to let me know.”

Laboratory technician with broad experience in Open House and in the Hospital Ruber Internacional. Pablo is Team leader and manager in Madrid. He’s also responsible for managing our Standard Operating Procedures for clinical and non clinical work (internal quality control), institutional relations, training of his team, and R+D of new diagnostic tests in our clinic.


Customer services

Cristina Rubio

Cristina has been with Open House now for more than 5 years in Reception but now she is the main coordinator of all customer services (patients in our clinic in Madrid and clients who are at home).
She has an eye for attention to detail and is committed to creating an optimum experience for our clients.


Dr Ana Moreno

Ana has 20 years experience as a GP
Trained in Madrid, Ana now has more than 20 years experience as a GP and is very proactively involved in women’s health groups. All the doctors at Open House are rated highly in patient satisfaction questionnaires, but Ana was rated the highest.


Dr. Ninfa Castillo

Ninfa joined the medical team at Open House in 2019. Her professional training as a GP gives her a broad overview of our patients’ needs. Her patience, human approach and intelligence are ever present in her consultations.


Dr Gustavo Mora

Gustavo also has 20 years experience as a GP
Trained in Madrid, Gustavo now has more than 20 years experience as a GP and is very proactively involved in diabetes and medical training and publications.


Dr. Daniel Fernández

Doctor trained in Venezuela with work experience in Madrid, Daniel joined Open House in 2019. Daniel has a borad vision of sexual health and is a young & dynamic doctor.

Consultas presencial de psicología clínica en Madrid

Clinical psychologist (clinic services)

Rosa González

Rosa María González Díaz is a clinical psicologist with specialist qualification (PIR) and has been working with Open House for nearly two years.

During her specialist training she has acquired experience in various mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety syndromes (generalised anxiety, agoraphobia, panic, specific phobias, OCD, post traumatic stress) , personality disorders, sexual disorders and in childhood/adolecent pathologies.

She is also involved in training of clinical psychologists in the public health system.

Rosa can see you in her consultation rooms in Madrid city centre but unfortunately cannot do her consultations in English.

Psychology college registration number: 25913

Consultas de psicología clínica por Skype®

Clinical psychologist (remote services)

Nerea Rodríguez

Clinical psychologist and sexólogist with 14 years experience in her field.

Her colaboration with Open house since 2007 began with dealing with emotional functionality and behaviour of human beings and moved on to sexual therapy.

You can book an a Skype consultation with Nerea as part of our remote services.

Unfortunately Nerea does not do her consultations in English.

Psychology college registration number: M-21508

If you would like to be seen by one particular doctor we can arrange this:

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