Legal Information

By virtue of the provisions of article 10 of law 34/2002, of July 11, on information society services and electronic commerce, the entity providing the services herein is Centro Medico Open House S.L.U. (herein, Open House), a Spanish company whose business address is C/ Atocha, 117, 1° izquierda, 28012, Madrid, and whose tax identification number is B-84896539. The aforementioned entity is entered in the Companies Register of Madrid, Volume 31,145, sheet 61, Section 8, Page M-560537, entry 8, and is authorized to provide health services through the URL 


These Terms of Access and Use (herein, the "Terms") are intended to regulate access to and use of the website (herein, the "Portal," "Web Portal," "Web," or "Website") belonging to Open House. By accessing, browsing, and/or using the Portal, you declare that you accept all of the stipulations appearing herein, including those pertaining to the Privacy Policy and Data-Protection Policy as well as the policy concerning cookies. 

However, there exist certain services and content that may be accessed through the Web Portal which have particular terms of use that may substitute and/or complement the terms set forth herein. 


"User" is anyone who logs onto, browses, and uses the Web Portal, the services, and/or the content housed in the Web Portal. 

Registration is not required to browse, access, or use the Web Portal; however, certain services are provided through the Web Portal that require previous registration and acceptance of the terms of the service. 

It shall be understood that all minors who access the Web Portal do so with the consent of their parents or guardian. In adherence of applicable legislation, the parents or legal guardians of minors will be responsible for the actions of minors who enter the site as registered users. 


In order to gain access to the Portal and the services provided, Users must use a device that meets compatibility requirements for software and hardware (these requirements may change over time) as well as Internet access. Users must be aware that these factors may influence the performance of the Web Portal and/or the possibility of accessing the services provided therein. 

Open House is not responsible for situations in which the Web Portal or the services rendered therein may be unavailable or functioning deficiently due to the use of inappropriate devices or due to Internet service interruptions caused by excess Web traffic or by any other factor. 


The User expressly agrees not to store, use, transmit, or disseminate the following: 


-Programs intended to unlock restricted content, serial numbers for programs, or any other content that is in violation of other parties' intellectual-property rights; 

-Internet-disseminated viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or destructive activities of any sort, including mail bombing or denial-of-service attacks; 

-Activities that interrupt or interfere with proper use of the resource network by other Users; 

-Gathering and/or using the personal information of other users without their express consent or otherwise in a way that violates data-protection regulations; 

-For users of certain services requiring registration, sharing of login information with other individuals or entities; 

-Destroying, altering, or rendering useless via other means the information, programs, or electronic documents pertaining to Open House or third parties; 

-Impeding other Users' access through mass and unjustified consumption of the digital resources through which Open House renders any of its services and performing actions that may damage, interrupt, or cause errors in these systems; and 

-Using the system in an attempt to access restricted areas of the server without the express consent of Open House. 


The User shall be responsible for the following: 

-Providing accurate information to Centro Medico Open House; the User will be solely liable for any inaccurate information provided. Similarly, the User will be responsible for updating information provided to Open House in such a way that said information accurately reflects the situation of the User at all times; 

- Any damages inflicted on Open House or third parties as a result of information that is not updated, false, or inaccurate and that may result from others' using the Login Information of the User; and 

-Should a User obtain a copy of his or her clinical information, said User will be solely liable for the use and custody of such information


The design, images, banners, distinctive features, trade name, brands, logos, products, services, and the like that appear on the Website are protected under the Law on Intellectual Property and belong to Open House. In no way does the use of or access to the Web Portal and/or the services rendered therein grant the User rights of any nature to the aforementioned design, images, banners, distinctive features, trade name, brands, logos, products, or services. 

The Website, its source code, and any and all contents accessible through this Website are the intellectual property of Open House and/or third parties. Under no circumstances shall it be understood that rights to the aforementioned are granted to the User. 

Open House is the owner or licensee of all the rights to the contents of the Web Portal and all services offered through the Web Portal. Accessing the Website or the services provided therein does not grant Users rights or ownership whatsoever to the intellectual- or industrial-property rights or the Content housed within. The User acknowledges and agrees that it is prohibited to use, reproduce, communicate, and/or distribute, modify, alter, or disaggregate said elements, whether for personal, private, and non-profit use or for commercial and for-profit motives. 

Open House reserves the right to take legal actions against any User who violates or infringes upon its intellectual or industrial-property rights.


The information, content, and services offered through the Website shall be those determined by Open House at all times and may vary from time to time. Therefore, Open House is under no obligation to continue offering these services. In addition, Open House may partially or totally discontinue access to the Services for Users who fail to comply with these Terms.  

Open House may include new functionalities to the Website and/or change the Terms currently in force. 


Although Open House utilises systems that are compatible with most of the technology existing on the market, it cannot guarantee compatibility with the devices employed by Users.  

Open House does not guarantee the availability or the continued functioning of the Portal or the Services rendered therein. As a result, Open House shall be exempt from all liability arising from access to and use of the Website or the services rendered therein (e.g., performance failure, interruption or delay in the functioning of the services, system or line failure), even in cases in which failure or incorrect functioning causes damage to the computer systems of third parties. Users shall access the Website and the Services at their own risk.  

The services offered through the Website comply with the provisions of Spanish law.  

Open House shall be held harmless from all liability arising from incorrect use of the Portal and/or services by Users.  

Open House shall not be liable for circumstances in which the Services are unavailable due to force majeure or temporary unavailability of the Services owing to technical reasons. Therefore, Open House will not be liable for any damages or losses that may result from events that are unforeseeable or inevitable either due to fortuitous occurrences or force majeure.  

Open House is not liable for failures, technical errors, accidents, malfunctions, manipulation, interruptions of service, or other incidents of any kind that may occur in the products, equipment, or technical services of others that are necessary to access the services.  

Although Open House has acted with diligence and has taken the necessary measures made available by technological advancements so as to avoid any possible security breaches in the Portal, Open House cannot guarantee that the security measures taken are beyond vulnerability.  

Open House is not responsible for the legal compliance of other websites belonging to third parties which may be accessed through the Portal. Open House is not responsible for the legality of other websites that may link to this Portal.  

To the extent possible, Open House will attempt to update and rectify the information hosted on its Website. However, Open House shall not be liable for damages of any nature that may be caused by the untruthfulness, inaccuracy, incompleteness and/or untimeliness of the contents transmitted, disseminated, stored, made available, received, obtained, or accessed through the Website.  

Health-related information and content are provided for informational purposes only, which is why Open House recommends Users always act under the guidance of a medical professional. 

The User assumes responsibility over any decisions they may make based on the information provided on the Website; the User further understands that they will be unable to present claims of any nature against Open House as a result of the decisions made. 


A number of measures were taken during the construction of this website to ensure that the largest number of people possible may access the information and the services provided through the site independently of the limitations of the user him or herself or limitations having to do with context of use. 
The following measures were taken: 

-Use of cascading style sheets to present information 


-User-friendly, intuitive, and alternative navigation systems 

-Alternative descriptions for images 

-Mechanisms to verify proper page loading through different search engines and devices 

-Use of universal and alternative formats 

-Links offering details about the function or destination of the hyperlink 

-Use of the standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) 

-Access to the most frequently used commands using keyboard shortcuts 

-Website design adapted to browsers' screen size so that the site may be properly browsed using mobile devices 


The pages contained in this website meet the AA standard according to the UNE 139803:2004 norm and comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 of the W3C. All the requirements contained under Priority 1 and Priority 2 and a subset of Priority 3 requirements have been manually checked for accessibility using various semi-automated tools, user agents, and specialist technicians. 


This Legal Notice will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law. Any dispute arising from the access or use of the Website will be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Madrid, notwithstanding the application of any mandatory provision to the contrary, in which case the content of this Legal Notice shall be taken into account.