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I want to learn more about papillomavirus

A common disease: When we start our sex lives, it is estimated that about 25% of people get infected the first time they have sex. Most infections in persons who are HIV negative have no long term consequences. Throughout our sex lives we get infected with various strains of papilloma virus, and then eliminate them from our bodies. This virus can produce warts but is most often silent without symptoms.

  • I’m an HIV negative
  • I’m HIV positive
I’m an HIV negative


  • How to prevent cervical cancer: Do a papillomavirus typing test, do regular smear (PAP) tests and use a condom.
  • Oncogenic strains can induce changes which can lead to cancer: It is well known that the majority of cervical cancer is produced by oncogenic strains of papillomavirus. Therefore most women do a regular smear test (the PAP test) with their gynaecologist to look for any early changes and get them treated.
    The papillomavirus typing test is easy. It just consists of rubbing a swab over the cervix. Nobody carrying this virus ever goes straight from normal cells to cancer. There is always an intermediate stage (called dysplasia) which are exactly the changes we look out for. When we see these changes, a treatment can be started that stops the situation from worsening so as to protect the patient’s health.
  • There is now a vaccine against the most common of the dangerous strains. Speak to your gynaecologist for more information.

Turning into cancer is not common in men

  • There are oncogenic strains of papillomavirus (ones that can produce cancer) but they occur so very infrequently in HIV negative men that their presence is not a relevant threat.
  • We don’t tend to do test for these strains for reasons you can read in the table below:

How to protect your partners:

  • Condoms reduce risk but the best way to protect partners against cervical cancer is to ensure they do their yearly gynaecological check-ups
I’m HIV positive

In HIV positive men:

  • There is a high level of anal papillomavirus infection with oncogenic strains, even in men who are not passive in sex.
  • Therefore in this group of men we have seen an increase in the rate of anal cancer.
  • In Spain, there is no well-coordinated public health sector consensus about how to manage this situation.
  • We can offer you an annual check-up to determine if there are any oncogenic strains and if so, do an anal smear test to check there are no pre-cancerous changes.
  • This way we can watch out for any warning signs of change and get treatment started to stop its progression.

In HIV positive women:

  • There is a high level of anal papillomavirus infection with oncogenic strains, in the cervix and anus, even in women who do not practise anal sex.
  • Therefore in this group of women we have seen an increase in the rate of anal and cervical cancer.
  • It is extremely important to do regular check-ups with your gynaecologist, including smear tests from the anus.

I would like to do a papillomavirus typing test

This test is most relevant to women, because the presence of so-called oncogenic strains of papillomavirus (those which may cause changes in the cervix and may then lead to cancerous changes) should prompt a more thorough gynaecological check-up not just smear testing. In women over 30 years of age Spanish guidelines suggest HPV testing every 5 years.

Papilomavirus tests:
We can do this test in our clinic with results in just 1 hour or we can do a complete check-up with result in 3 to 8 days . As always, if you come to see us here, the medical consultation with our doctor is free.

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How to do this test from home:
Simply purchase the collection kit in our online shop. We will send this out to, and then you have to take a vaginal sample – this is easy and painless. This sample gets sent back to us and we will process your sample. 

Visit our online shop to purchase this test 100€
Click here for a phone consultation with our doctors 50€

A quick overview of our statistics regarding warts

Wart treatment in the same consultation
Open House can treat genital warts with cryotherapy (freezing) with precision to the millimetre. The whole process, which is painfree, lasts about 10 minutes. In some more difficult cases we use topical treatments which are toxic to the warts or that stimulate defences.


Cases treated warts


Clinical success after the first treatment session


Clinical success after the second treatment session

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Caution! It is important to read about the Window Period before doing tests UNLESS YOU HAVE WORRYING SYMPTOMS

Please trust our clinical judgement. Open House has done nearly 72.000 STI tests.

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