Hepatitis (A, B & C)

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Hepatitis (A, B & C): Information and vaccines

Hepatitis are a group of liver disseases. When the fulminant inflammation liver occurs is known as “acute hepatitis” and the long-term hepatitis is a “chronic hepatitis”. Hepatitis viruses (A,B,C) can be transmitted by sexual contact.

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A hepatitis A is the viral hepatitis that we least see in Open House.
Many people have been vaccinated against hepatitis A for travel reasons (Africa, India etc., ) because normally it is passed on in food or infected water. But because it is an intestinal infection, it can be passed on to the mouth in sex.
Hepatitis A cannot go on to produce a chronic disease like hepatitis B & C, but the infection is full-blown with jaundice and with a very long convalescent period afterwards.

  • Candidates: people who practice analingus and people who are not in a closed relationship
  • It works and it’s safe: Really well tolerated. You will need two doses to give you 10 years protection
  • Where to do it: it can be administered free of charge with your family doctor (in Spain it also requires a medical inspector’s sign-off) or we can write a prescription and do the vaccines ourselves if you prefer anonymity.
Hepatitis B

The virus that produces hepatitis B is probably 100 times more infectious than HIV

Mainly transmitted in unprotected penetrations. The hepatitis B virus is extremely resistant outside the body, in fact it can exist for several days in an active state in this environment. Full blown hepatitis with jaundice is not common but rather it can develope into a chronic infection. An infected person can become a carrier without knowing it. This happens in about 10% of all cases.

  • Candidates: (in Spain) men and women currently not in a closed relationship and born before 1983. Spanish people born after that date have been vaccinated at high school. It is now a national recommendation that most people need to be vaccinated just once in their life.
  • It works and it’s safe: Extremely well tolerated. Three doses are required to afford long-lasting protection
  • Where to do it: It can be administered free of charge with your family doctor or we can write a prescription and do the vaccines ourselves if you prefer anonymity.
Hepatitis C

Just like with hepatitis B, the overwhelming majority of cases of hepatitis C show no symptoms. In the late stage, generalised symptoms may be more common, for example tiredness, lack of energy or loss of appetite etc. About 20% of infections resolve spontaneously. In the other cases hepatitis C can persist for many years without producing symptoms. Thereafter there can be a rapid progression to fibrosis of the liver in just a few years and even a risk of developing liver cancer.

Only 3% of hepatitis C cases are transmitted in sex, the vast majority occurring in blood to blood contact (sharing needles, in infected blood transfusions in foreign countries). Sometimes there may be a risk in anal sex, but the four circumstances in which the risk is exaggerated are fisting in groups, sharing dildos or toys, having sex during the period and sharing cocaine doser.
Despite advances seen with hepatitis B and HIV there is still no vaccine against hepatitis C.
In recent times, new treatment options have been developed for hepatitis C, but the majority of patients on treatment are unable to work because of side effects.
This disease is one that most danger poses for your sexual and general health. Using a condom in penetration, clean and fresh gloves in fisiting, and washing any shared sex toys before reusing them can reduce the risk of catching hepatitis C.

I want to do tests for the hepatitis viruses

Open House has a wide knowledge and experience in testing and diagnosis of Hepatitis. We use PCR technique to detect early stages of Hepatitis C infections and the blood tests for the Hepatitis B and late stages of Hepatitis C infections.

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A:
Cases of hepatitis A without symptoms do not exist, therefore we only do this test in patients with a relevant clinical picture (for example, with jaundice).

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B:
Cases of hepatitis B without symptoms or with mild symptoms are common which is why we include this test when there has been unprotected vaginal or anal sex. Our tests can detect about 99.8% of cases once a 4 weeks period has gone by since the last high risk contact.

 Call us to book an appointment at Open House Madrid or Valencia to do this test from 40

Do you have doubts? Our STI specialist doctors are the best solution, call us to Open House Madrid or Valencia to book a medical consultation 50

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C:
There are two kinds of tests:  a STANDARD antibody test and another that can detect very EARLY infections.
To do the antibody test you must wait 3 months from the moment of possible exposure, but if you don’t want to wait, we can always do a test called NAAT (or PCR) which looks for the genetic material of the virus which is detectable just 14 days after exposure.

What is the advantage of doing this test at Open House Madrid?
The antibody test takes just 20 minutes to perform and the early-detection test PCR takes just 2 hours.

 Call us to book an appointment at Open House Madrid or Valencia to do the antibodies test for 40€ or PCR test for 140€

Do you have doubts? Our STI specialist doctors are the best solution, call us to Open House Madrid or Valencia to book a medical consultation 50

Can I do these test without going to Madrid?
Yes, we can organize for your blood to be taken in a clinic in your region (subject to availability). They will send us your blood for testing at Open House and then we will get the result back to you by email within 2h of receiving your sample.
We can arrange a phone consultation with our specialist medical team first if you need one.

Visit our online shop to purchase a hepatitis C PCR test – EARLY DETECTION 140€

How can we help you?

Contact with Open House team

Caution! It is important to read about the Window Period before doing tests UNLESS YOU HAVE WORRYING SYMPTOMS

Please trust our clinical judgement. Open House has done nearly 72.000 STI tests.

What would you like to do now?

I would like to know the risks of hepatitis A, B & C in oral, vaginal or anal sex

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