The Open House Team

The Clinic Director, receptionists, laboratory technicians, Clinic Manager and doctors all ensure quality and oversight at Open House. You will find a high level of professionalism, with appropriately trained staff backed by a respectful and personalised approach to your needs.

Medical Team

Dr. Atef Souied

Medical Director

Dr Souied has developed his renowned expertise in the field of Sexual Health at Open House since 2011. He is widely recognised for his professionalism and clear approach, providing accurate information to the patients to take the right decisions regarding testing and treatment. As will as his role at Open House, Dr Souied is also Medical Director of CAID North Madrid.

Graduate in Medicine and Surgery from “Universidad Complutense” (Madrid), with registered number: 282867667

Dr. Ninfa Castillo

Madrid Medical Team

Dr Castillo is a specialist in Family and Community Medicine with a strong interest in the STIs.  She joined the medical team at Open House in 2019. Her professional training as a GP gives her a broad overview of patients’ needs. Her patience, human approach and intelligence are ever present in her consultations.

Graduate in Medicine and Surgery from “Universidad Complutense” (Madrid) with registered number: 282867667

Dr. Julieta Domingorena

Madrid Medical Team

Dr Domingorena is a young and dynamic doctor with a broad vision of sexual health, with extensive and in-depth training in the field of STIs. She is known for being caring and professional, precise and approachable. Julieta joined the Open House medical team in 2020.

Graduate in Medicine and Surgery from “Universidad La Laguna” (Tenerife) with registered number: 282912169

Management Team

Pablo Fernández

Clinic Director

Pablo began his career at Open House in 2009 as Head of Clinical Analysis. His quality approach led to him becoming Clinic Director within three years, with responsibility for training of new employees, team management and institutional representation of the company.

Pablo has driven the service and geographical expansion of Open House, ensuring high-standards backed by systems and processes that are amongst the most modern in the field of sexual health, but without losing the vital focus on patient quality, personalised care and approachability.

His global view of Open House allows him to accurately define the vision and mission of the clinic and the fundamental values that underpin the daily activities of staff and management

Beatriz Egido

Clinic Manager - Madrid

Bea joined Open House in 2020 as a project manager to develop and fulfill the company’s ambitious growth and expansion plan in southern Europe.

Her extensive experience in management within the healthcare sector led to her becoming the manager of the Open House clinic in Madrid. Her strong academic and professional background are combined with a capacity to communicate clearly and empathetically with people. Bea’s diligence and commitment combined with extensive training in prevention and intervention in therapy and sex education, support new lines of action and strategies to promote sexual health to the general population

Clinical analyses

Mercedes Hernández

Valencia Laboratory Manager

Merche is a trained clinical laboratory and biomedical technician. She joined Open House Valencia in 2021. Her attention to detail in preparing and maintaining testing equipment, and her focus on clinical quality, allows Open House to provide patients with security and peace of mind.

Merche’s experience in clinical analysis, as well as her continuous professional development, allows her to perform multidisciplinary tasks, with care and precision, providing patients with guidance and supporting our philosophy of personalised care and clinical professionalism.

Leticia Bautista

Madrid Laboratory Manager

Leticia is a clinical laboratory technician. She joined the Open House Madrid team in 2021. Her focus on learning and development, coupled with her biomedical training and experience, bring great value to the company. Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Madrid laboratory, Leticia meticulously manages all materials, managing risks and carrying out all hygiene and disinfection measures, giving rise to a safe environment in which the patient can feel secure and comfortable.

Leticia, in coordination with the medical team, provides sample results and analysis to allow Open House to offer tailored and clinically accurate care while in a professional and caring manner.

Administration and Customer Support

Cristina Rubio

Madrid Receptionist

Cristina, a graduate in tourism, has more than 7-years’ experience with Open House Madrid, providing patients with the support that they may require. Her care and discretion, together with appropriate training and consummate professionalism, make Cristina the perfect person to take care of the administrative process during your visit to Open House Madrid