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Leading the way in STI diagnosis

Open House is the leading business in the private sector in the field of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). We have two physical locations in Madrid and Valencia, and we also offer our expert services throughout Spain remotely. With more than 40,000 consultations and 75,000 STI tests performed over our 15-year history, we have been awarded on three occasions for our clinical and business quality.

Our specialist medical team, cutting-edge tests, exquisite patient care and unbeatable response time is the fastest and most accurate solution for your sexual health problems.

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Experts in sexual health

At Open House we offer an expert STI testing service and face-to-face medical consultations carried out by our specialist doctors.

We have the best specialists for your sexual health, get a quick and expert solution to an intimate and delicate problem, with the guarantees and professional team of Open House.

Specialized consultations and fast and reliable tests

Open House has designed its portfolio of services to be able to offer you the fastest, most precise and expert solution to your sexual health problems, taking maximum care of every aspect that may influence such an intimate and delicate subject.

Our services include:

  • STI medical consultations: With our specialist medical team, you will have the best possible clinical guidance.
  • Rapid, Accurate and Sensitive Tests for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): At Open House, we have the fastest and most sensitive state-of-the-art tests available. We can offer our patients a complete checkup for the most common STIs in just 2 hours.

  • Tests without medical consultation: Do you have no symptoms or do you need guidance? At Open House you can do your tests directly without prior medical consultation.
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