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Our team has grown in size considerably since we first opened our doors in 2006.

The owner of the company, the receptionists and laboratory technicians, all of them are involved in your visit to Open House.

Each one has undergone a high level of professional training, received training in this field and has been selected to work in Open House because of their ability to work with a human approach, dignity and high quaility work, things we give top priority to in this company.

Interviews with the Open House team

  • What is the contribution of Dr. Steve Chapman at Open House?

    I think I can provide four important things to our clients:

    (1) A good mixture of medical knowledge because I have broad-based training in general medicine. I’m able to investigate, diagnose and treat a variety of pathologies. I consider myself to be a sensible doctor.

    (2) My experience in clinical investigation has taught me the need to practise evidence-based medicine, in other words, applying the results of well-performed clinical trial which in turn improves my work performance and medical decisions.

    One of my most important functions in Open House is to manitain quaility standards as time goes by and each year I make good this pledge to our clients by updating our 25 Standard Operating Procedures, our clinical guides which take their contents from evidence published in clinical journals, each year incorporating new changes that have been published every 12 months.

    The updating of our protocols is so that you are clients don’t have to worry when you come to see us, because our team sign in their contracts an compulsory clause to comply fully with these procedures. In this way, you get a fully updated service without realising it.

    (3) I am very openminded and this helps me to get closer to my patients and thus makes diagnosis more easy. I like to practise medicine involving the patient. It’s not my job to judge people, rather just give them a practical solution. I hope that all of this is apparent in a consultation with me.

    (4) My time working in the pharmaceutical industry has taught me a sense of “fair competition”. Being a highly regulated industry they are not able to make outrageous claims in their marketing and promotion. You must provide evidence before saying your new drug is “better” or “superior”. I believe I try to apply this philosophy to our advertising in Open House. It breaks my heart to see other clinics in this field with a glint in their eye faced with a nervous patient who will be susceptible to spending money. Medicine should not be practised like that and it’s a lack of respect to the patient and to our profession. I don’t work that way so that I’m able to sleep peacefully at night with a clear conscience.

    Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (University of Nottingham, UK 1992) with offically recognised title in Spain and Spanish medical college registration number 282850958.

    Bachelor of Medical Sciences (Microbiology)with Honours (University of Nottingham, UK 1990) with priginal research in the field of STDs (Chlamydia trachomatis).

    Experience: 20 years in infectious diseases, HIV & AIDS, geriatrics, cardiology, respiratory medicine, rheumatology, diabetes, A&E. 7 years experience in more than 70 clinical trials and epidemiological studies. Clinical advisor to the gay group in Madrid COGAM regarding STDs. member of the International Union Against Sexually Transmitted Infections (IUSTI).

    He will see you in:

  • Aitor, what do you bring to the team?

    I think that the moment when you finally come to my room for the test can be very tense and so I try to transmit a sense of calm and efficiency for our clients.

    We try to offer a high standard of service working within the remit of protocols and strict procedures so that the patient doesn’t have to worry about these things, and I believe that I pay a great deal of attention in the importance of maintaining compliance.

    He will see you in:

  • Yara, what is your experience in this field?

    Originally I worked not just as a general physician but as a gynaecologist, so clearly the sex life of my patients is an important consideration in my work. From February 2016 when I entered Open House, I now work with male patients and my experience with women’s sexual health helps a lot, but I just have to see things “from the other side”.

    She will see you in:

  • Diana is an associate psychologist of Open House Barcelona

    By including our associate psychologist Diana in the team, we can give even more support to our customers. We call her associate because she doesn’t do her consultations at Open House Barcelona, but rather in her own private practice.

    With her background in clinical psychology, she can provide practical and swift solutions to problems caused by fear and anxiety states.

    Bachelor of Psychology (University of Salamanca) Specialist in Clinical Psychology Experience: During her training she worked in a Mental Health Unit, National Hospital for Paraplegics,  Addictive Behaviors Unit, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Neurology, Medium-Stay Unit working with subacute, brief hospital-stay unit, Day Hospitals,  University Hospital Gregorio Marañón in Madrid,  Adult Mental Health Unit at the Hospital Virgen de Soria Myron and CAD (Drug Addicts Help Centre) Soria. She has also been awarded a scholarship for secondment at renowned overseas centres such as Constructivist Psychotherapy for Aiglé, Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Anorexia Bulimia Association Foundation, Milan Italy.

    will see you in:

  • Pablo, you’re in charge of the Madrid team. What kind of experience awaits our clients there?


    Coming into an STD clinic can be very stressful. You’re going to talk about some very personal things and do tests that can change lives. I want to transmit to our clients our philosophy of “demedicalising” the process; open dialogue, human treament and clinical precision. But we are human, not robots, so if something was unsatisfactory for you at Open House, please don’t hesistate to let me know.

    Laboratory technician with broad experience in Open House and in the Hospital Ruber Internacional. Pablo is Team leader and manager in Madrid. He’s also responsible for managing our Standard Operating Procedures for clinical and non clinical work (internal quality control), institutional relations, training of his team, and R+D of new diagnostic tests in our clinic.

    He will see you in:

  • Nerea, what do you think about working in Open House?

    I feel fortunate to be working in Open House, which is not just a clinic but a work ethic that involves not just the self evident values and attitudes with which I myself identify, but also an acceptance of sexual diversity and no judgemnet fo clients.

    Bachelor of Psychology (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid); Specialist in Clinical Psychology with college registration number M-21508. Experience: Nerea Rodríguez began working in mental health in 2004 with professional training in Hospital Provincial de Toledo, where she currently works as a specialist in mental health, supervising and participating in the trainig of student clinical psqychologists.

    Human sexuality is also her interest and Partner dynamics, and works privately in this field in and outside Open House since 2007, gathering experience in Psychodrama, sheis an expert in Mindfulness  and has a Master in Sexology, Orientation and Sexual Therapy.

    She will see you in:


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