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Pre-test counselling with our doctors is free at Open House and will give you the chance to select the correct tests for your situation. Since we are a medical centre, prices are exempt from VAT and, in general, the cost of the consultation is implicit in the price of the test.

Here you can find the prices for:

  • – Packages of tests (the general check-ups).
  • – Individual tests.

(1) General check-ups:

Open Plan Five

Complete check-up for infections related to vaginal and anal sex. 245€ approx.

Open Plan Oral

Complete check-up for oral sex related infections. 200€ approx.

Open Plan Scorpio

A complete package for investigation of burning or pain on urination in men . 95€ to 285€.

(2) The tests one by one:

  • HIV
  • Syphilis
  • Hepatitis B & C
  • Warts/ Papilloma Virus / Cytology
  • Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia and related infections
  • Psychology

– HIV antibody test in 1 min (blood test): €65  

– HIV antibody test in 15 mins (blood test): €65  

– HIV antibody test in 20 mins (in saliva): €65

– HIV antibody & p24 antigen test in 15 mins: €130

– HIV antibody & p24 antigen test in 24 hours: €95 

– HIV detection by PCR in 90 minutes: €180 

The consultation is included in the price of the tests.

– Syphilis test in 15 mins: €65  

– Test for follow-up of Syphilis (RPR) en 48 horas: €65  

– Test for follow-up of Syphilis (IgM) entre 2 y 7 días: €85

– Treatment for syphilis single dose: €60

– Treatment for syphilis three doses: €100 

– Hepatitis B  test in 20 min: €65  

– Hepatitis C  test in 20 min: €65  

– Hepatitis C  viral load test in 24 hours: €150

– Hepatitis C  viral load test in 2 hours: €190

If you want to get a papillomavirus typing test or treatment for genital warts these are the prices:

– Treatment for warts: €55  

– Papilloma virus typing results in 24h: €145

– Papilloma virus typing results in 1h: €185

– Anal cytology: €100

Prices for gonorrhoea & chlamydia tests

Open House has the most advanced technology avaiable for detection of these two infections. The precision and turn-around-time getting the results to you for our tests is unbeatable.

Doing both gonorrhoea and chlamydia tests together:

– Rapid tests of both infections in 20 mins: €95
(this type of test only works in men with urethral pus)
– Sensitive tests dof both infections in 24 hs: €160
(the best tests for genital, throat or rectal samples)
– These two tests but results in just 90 mins: €200

Individual tests of either gonorrhoea or chlamydia:

– Individual rapid test of either clamydia or gonorrhoea in 20 mins: €65
(this type of test only works in men with urethral pus)
– Single sensitive test f either clamydia or gonorrhoea in 24 hs: €120
(the best test for genital, throat or rectal samples)
– Single sensitive test in 90 mins: €160

Other tests in men with urethral symptoms:

– Rapid trichomonas test in 20 mins: €65
– Sensitive trichomonas test in 24h: €120
– Complete investigation from €245
(gonorrhoea, chlamydia, micoplasma, ureaplasma and trichomonas)

At Open House, the psychology service works with the same approach than medical consultation, an open approach that will provide you with a quick and practical solution with the objective of improving your life quality. It is not our intention to draw customers into long-term sessions.

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