Clinical psychology service at Open House

Psychotherapy is a process of communication between the therapist and client to examine each case, and establish the objective of making changes to improve life quality.

These changes could be behaviour, thoughts, attitudes, or emotions. At Open House, our psychology service works in the same way as the medical consultation: we have an open-minded attitude and want to give you swift and practical solutions. It is not our intention to draw customers into long-term sessions. Some of the situations that we handle in Open House are listed below. If you want more information don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Relation issues - Worried young woman with husband in bedroom

Our centre in Madrid is authorised as a psychology practice

Our clinical psychologist, Nerea Rodríguez Calero has extensive experience to help you deal with your psychological problems by psychotherapy and deep relaxation techniques.

Our associate psychologist in Barcelona, Diana Bachiller, does not do her consultations in our clinic, but rather in her own private practice.

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Nerea Rodríguez: Clinical Psychologist in Madrid


Diana Bachiller: Associate Clinical Psychologist in Barcelona

[dropcap style=”style5″]1[/dropcap]Having sex outside of my relationship makes me feel guilty and I have anxiety I can deal with.

[dropcap style=”style5″]2[/dropcap]I live with an uncontrolable fear that that I may be infected with HIV.

[dropcap style=”style5″]3[/dropcap]My partner and I have problems and we want to talk together with a professional to improve our relationship.

[dropcap style=”style5″]4[/dropcap]I don’t know what to do, I’ve done multiple HIV tests all being negative but I am still uneasy.

[dropcap style=”style5″]5[/dropcap] I have self-esteem issues about my sexuality and I need help.

If you want more information, please call or write.

Some statistics regarding our clinical psychology experience at Open House:

Patients seen by our psychologists for obsessive behaviour: 57

Clinical discharge after 2 months of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT): 78%

Clinical discharge after 6 months of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT): 92%

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I'm in a relationship and have had sex with someone else - I'm very frightened

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